Life is complicated, isn’t it? I’m forever trying to untangle a web of understanding, by reading and listening as far and wide as I can. This substack is a way of communicating what I’ve learnt and found inspiring so that it might help you too, with a few insights and ideas of my own thrown in.

Some days, I just think about sharks. So it’s a lucky dip of variety. We can’t get bogged down in too much seriousness. What ever it is, it will be FUN, accompanied by my own cartoons and illustrations. Sometimes, I’ll explain entire concepts or research topics using comics.


My background is in astrophysics, I got my DPhil (aka PhD) from the University of Oxford in 2020. Academic writing is DRY, anyone who has brushed with the academic world will tell you most things are hard to read, even when you’re an expert in the field. A desire to bring clarity fuelled my journey into science presenting and communicating ideas with others in an entertaining and deliberately understandable way.

Couple this with a love of ;

  • generally being a bit of a goblin,

  • drawing funny characters,


  • caring about things being backed up,

and here we are.

Some people say specialise: I say do them all at once.


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